Ultrasound Guidelines Council
Quality Data for Genetic Evaluation

Board of Directors

Chairman:  Stacey Sanders

Executive Director:  Patrick Wall

Breed Association Representatives:
Stacy Sanders
American Hereford Association

Kelli Retallick
American Angus Association

Matt Woolfolk
American Shorthorn Association

Shane Bedwell
American Hereford Association

Centralized Ultrasound Processing Lab Representatives:
Becky Hays

Mark Henry
The CUP Lab

Rethel King
International Livestock Image Analysis/Designer Genes

Research Scientists
Dr. Steve Paisley*
University of Wyoming

Dr. Dean Pringle*
University of Georgia

Dr. J.R. Tait*

Field Technician Representative
Jolene Grunhaupt
Sandhills Ultrasound Service

*The research scientists also serve on the Systems Review Committee.


Minutes from Board Meetings

June 2011 Board Meeting

September 2011 Board Meeting

September 2012 Board Meeting

October 2013 Board Meeting

October 2014 Board Meeting

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